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Nominal Support

 With the aim of promoting international exchange and international cooperation activities with EU member states within Fukuoka prefecture, the Fukuoka EU Association provides nominal support for events conducted by the international exchange associations within Fukuoka or those run by Fukuoka citizens. We offer support for advertising and other areas for such events.

 Please read the list of events and organizations we offer support to below before contacting us. The application form can be downloaded from the link below.
 If you are placing an application for the first time, please visit the Association or contact us by phone in advance. Please have the written event plan and the documents related to the associations sponsoring the event ready.

Events which we nominally support

  • Events which contribute to the promotion of exchange/understanding with the EU member states in the region.
  • Events which do not conflict with the welfare of the public.
  • Events which widely target Fukuoka citizens
  • Events that are not political or religious activities
  • Events that won’t bring into question the fairness and neutrality of the Association.

Associations that can apply for support

  • National and local public organizations (extra-departmental bodies such as public corporations)
  • Public interest corporations (religious corporations are excluded)
  • News organizations, such as newspapers and TV and radio stations
  • Other associations which were formed with the objective of performing public activities

Application form[PDF]